Zümrüt Sport Erciyes Ski Center We serve at 3 different points, one of which is Mega Rental Point in Tekir Kapı Location.

You can find everything you need while sliding in Erciyes, such as clothes, gloves, goggles, masks, etc., as well as Ski Sled Snowboard Equipment, which is qualified as Hard Material at All Points.

Ski and Snowboards Available at All Points Are Presented By Our Team Before The Season And Offered For Rent.

During the season, our equipment is checked, corrected and offered to our customers.

You can reach Zümrüt Ski Rental Point in Tekir Parking Lot as Zümrüt Mega Rental Point.

Hilton Ski Lounge Olarak Tekir Kapı Otopark İçinde Kiralama Noktasına Ulaşabilirsiniz.

You can get service from our Ski Rental Point in the Zümrüt Cafe, 3 meters from the Piste at Tekir Kapi.