Hisarcık Kapı T-Bar Facility Used for Educational Purposes Free.

Erciyes Ski Center Tickets are sold by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality.


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  • Tickets purchased at the beginning of the season must be used within the same winter season. Tickets will not be transferred to the next season.
  • 1-7-14-30-50-100-200 departure based tickets can be used on any day during the season.
  • Tickets can be used at any time during the season, without time limit and can be used by more than one person at the same time.
  • Ticket refunds are not accepted when facilities have to be closed during the day in unforeseen circumstances, malfunctions and unavoidable weather conditions. The user has the right to use that ticket on another day.
  • Accidents that occur while skiing are the skier’s own responsibility. Kayseri Erciyes Inc. is not responsible for damages caused by accidents in any way.
  • In case you slide outside the designated runway or in possible accidents caused by illegal behavior, all responsibility belongs to you, our company does not accept any responsibility in this matter.
  • Does not grant any insurance right to the purchased ticket holder. Each ticket holder is obliged to take out his own personal insurance.
  • The ticket is not renewed if it is lost or damaged in any way.
  • Every guest is obliged to present their tickets to the staff in charge when requested. Criminal action is applied for the detection of fake or expired ticket usage.
  • Ticket holders must comply with the rules of use of the facilities and runways. Tickets of those who act in a way that threaten the safety of others are canceled and are prohibited from using the runways and facilities.

Our prices are tax included.